Three Tips For Effective Lawn Tennis Care In Mandeville LA



Comfort is not a luxury and keeping a clean lawn around your home is just the ideal thing to do. You may think that the hardest part of building an evergreen environment is in the planting only to discover that maintaining it is. Taking an effective care of your lawn could be demanding. But we are not going to talk about how demanding it is. Rather, in this article, we want to share with you three tips that can help you carry out a better lawn care in Mandeville La.



  1. Weed Control


Weed control is ultimately one of the major activities you can carry on for an effective lawn care in Mandeville LA. Lawn care in Covington demands high attention to weed removal. Ensuring that you keep weed from growing to seed is tantamount to saying you have won the battle. One way to prevent weeds from crowding the lawn is by introducing killer chemical called Weed Prevention Plus. No worries, this is neither disastrous to man nor animal.

Again, you want to consider attacking weeds early enough and when the ground is yet wet. This makes the ground soft for pulling out the weeds.


  1. Introduce Adequate Aeration.

As more and more feet tread the soil where lawn are grown, the soil beneath become compacted. Now, this poses a great challenge to both air penetration and water percolation. As such, the lawn are deprived of essential nutrients.


It is therefore, advisable that you aerate your soil at least once a year. This process can be as simple as using fork to manually make holes on the soil or mechanically.


  1. Implement Dethatching

Usually, when grasses and roots die, they gather around the soil surface. These are called thatches. You can remove thatches by either raking or using mechanical scarifier. It is important you realized that removing thatch is an important task you want to carry out for your lawn care.

Always note that you can always hire a good Lawn Service in Covington LA or better still, Lawn Service Mandeville LA to take up the task professionally. And if you are thinking this way, then Our company, Wagner´s Landscape is definitely the best choice you can make.


  1. Watering


For proper lawn care in Mandeville LA, infrequent but deep watering is good as they basically enhance the growth of deep roots. This also ensures that the lawn is not susceptible to whither off.  Less water is lost during evaporation and wind in the early hours of the morning, as such, early morning watering is highly beneficial.





  1. Pest Control

When pests are not adequately checkmated, they eat up and damage the lawn. The need to get rid of them is quite important. However, care must be taken here as not all pests are actually dangerous to the lawn. Some are beneficial and must be left alone. The fuss is in deciphering which is which. In this case, we suggest you consult a professional Lawn Service in Mandeville LA.



Lawns are beautiful sites and ensuring you have adequate lawn care in place is crucial. It is highly advisable you hire the services of a company that offers professional Lawn Service in Mandeville LA. We are here to help out at the Wagner´s Landscape. We have been in the business for 25 years with loads of testimonials from our previous customers. Why not see for yourself at our homepage.



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